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The Dev Driven Acquisitions Introductory Video Course is a free, 4-part video series introduction to acquiring scalable, profitable, and durable online businesses.

What's my inspiration for this course?

Over the past decade, I have gotten the exact same four questions every time someone learns about my current career path:

  • 1. How Would I Do This Too?
    • Video: Identifying your Unique, Unfair, Competitive Advantage as an Individual Acquirer
  • 2. How Would I Pay for It?
    • Video: How to Finance Your Acquisitions
  • 3. Who Sells A Good Business?
    • Video: Why Would Someone Sell a Successful, Profitable Business?
  • 4. What Type of Business Would I Buy?
    • Video: How to Find the Right Business Niche for You

The Dev Driven Acquisitions Video Course explains the answers to the questions and de-mystifies the most popular first four objections to considering a career in online acquisitions.

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    In this video course, you'll learn:

    • Why starting your own business is not the fastest way to wealth, occupational freedom and flexibility, and career satisfaction.
    • How to sidestep common struggles we all initially face acquiring a successful business.
    • How to match your background, experience, skills, and goals with the right online business niches.
    • What it's like to pivot out of a stable career into acquisition entrepreneurship.
    • Where and how financing works for the online business world (guess what, it's very different than for brick-and-mortar company acquisitions)
    • Most Important: Whether this type of investing is right for you.